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Teeth whitening?

I don%26#039;t want the fake stuff that says that it whitens teeth and it really doesn%26#039;t. I%26#039;m looking for the actual stuff that isn%26#039;t that expensive and definetly whitens teeth fast. Help please!

Teeth whitening?
First I would recommend that you consider having a dental cleaning and exam. If you have buildup (tartar, plaque, stain) the whitening process won%26#039;t work that well. The crest whitestrips work well and are probably your lowest cost alternative. We sell them in my office ($75.00) and they are 3 times stronger and there are 3 weeks worth. I like them because they work better and if you are happy with how they look 1/2 way thru the process you just hold onto the rest and you have more to do a %26quot;touch up%26quot; 6 months later. Good luck!

JAMRDH- a dental hygienist
Reply:my dental hygienist actually whispered to me that the crest white strips are actually really good
Reply:The crest strips work and the solutions work really well I wouldn%26#039;t use the the a professional because they charge a lot for there services.

And they just want your money
Reply:I think you have to get the really strong stuff from a dentist.
Reply:I%26#039;ve used crest white strips and they didnt work very well. mY mom is a dental hygeist though and she got me treswhite by Opalescence. I dont know how much it is but it works really well i love it. I drink a lot of tea and coffee so my teeth are always getting stained. Over the summer i had to get like this little kinda like plaster thing or w/e put on my tooth because i have like a natural little dent there or w/e (yea kinda hard to explain) well anyways when the dentists went to get the right color to match w/ my teeth shade they got like the second whitest (the most white one being like the color babies are botn with thats super white), and i think i only used the strips like maybe two times before that appointment. that work really well and stick on better and whiten my teeth better then the crest white strips did


Teeth Whitening?

okay, so i want to get my teeth whitened by the dentist. not one of those take home trays or strips. just bleached. and i was wondering...does it hurt?

also, if my teeth get sensitive it is only the back teeth. this won%26#039;t affect the sensitivity right? cause i heard that they don%26#039;t bleach the back teeth.

please answer both of my questions!

thanks in advance :) :)

Teeth Whitening?
if you go to this website they have all your answers. :D
Reply:no, I%26#039;ve heard that it doesn%26#039;t hurt!
Reply:Hurt, no but these types of whiteners are much stronger than over the counter ones so it will make your teeth much more sensitive. They will whiten any teeth that show when you smile.
Reply:Commercial tooth whiteners use hydrogen peroxide and are expensive and inconvenient. A cheap and natural tooth whitening home remedy uses few strawberries but certain precautions have to be taken. I found the information at
Reply:If you have doubts about it then go in for this home remedy. Hydrogen peroxide is probably the most common and popular natural lightening agent. Apple cider vinegar can also be used for teeth whitening. More remedies and information regarding your teeth at

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Teeth Whitening?

My teeth are very yellow. It seems like no matter what I do or how often I brush my teeth, they won%26#039;t whiten. I have crowns on my 2 front teeth so I don%26#039;t think I can use crest whitestrips. I brush my teeth very often with no results, what should I do outside of crest whitestrips or power bleaching?

Teeth Whitening?
Unless you are willing to change your crowns, especially because they are on your front teeth, you may not want to whiten your teeth. If you do then, Zoom (in office bleaching is the best way). Don%26#039;t waste your money on over the counter stuff. Also, you can get bleaching trays from your dentist. If you are willing to spend the money go for it!!! I am sure it will look great. Good Luck.
Reply:The best way to bleach your teeth is at the dentist office with ZOOM. Any crowns you have will not bleach, the only way to lighten them is to get new ones. ZOOM is a very good product and it usually lightens teeth between 4-8 shades.
Reply:you can crush strawberries and then put them on your teeth thats suppose to help.

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Teeth whitening?

I want to go get my teeth whitened, only because they would look so much better. But I heard that once you do it, your teeth become extremely sensitive. Have any of you had your teeth whitened? If so, is it worth it? What about products like Crest Whitestrips, as an alternative? Do those actually work?

Teeth whitening?
I have not had my teeth professionally whitened, although I did use Crest Whitestrips. I found that Crest Whitestrips work if you follow the instructions on the box: wearing them for the exact amount of time they tell you, the exact amount of days etc. Hope this helps!
Reply:I%26#039;m not sure about the sensitivity, but I can promise you that the teeth whitening strips work 1) because my sister finance used them and his teeth were amazingly bright and did not complain about sensitivity, and 2) Crest would not be able to legally sell them if they didn%26#039;t do what they were promised to do.

Also, Crest whitening strip are significantly cheaper (about $250 cheaper) than getting a dentist to do it. Since tooth whitening is considered a vanity procedure, most insurances will not cover it.
Reply:I had my teeth whitened by the dentist - I had to wear these teeth trays filled with a gel during the night for about 2 weeks. My teeth became sensitive during the 2 week period, but afterwards, they never bothered me again.
Reply:I do not believe that teeth whitening things that you can buy from stores like Target work.

I haven%26#039;t heard of them making your teeth sensitive either.

But they don%26#039;t work very well.

The most they can do is whiten your teeth a little that isn%26#039;t even notice-able to the public.

I suggest going to your local dentist or going somewhere to get your teeth whitened professionally.
Reply:tooth sensitivity can be caused by a teeth whitener that has harsh ingredients. when whitening teeth be sure to get recommendations from a dentist. also choose a teeth whitening that has high quality ingredients that can safely and effectively whiten teeth in just a minimum time.

visit for more tips on how to whiten teeth.
Reply:I%26#039;m not too sure abt it. However, there are many ways to whiten your teeth.

Here are many ways that you can whitening your teeth!

For home remedies.

Mix baking soda and hydrogen peroxide to form toothpaste. Brush the teeth regularly with this paste. It will remove all stains in a month.

Use bicarbonate of soda 5 minutes before brushing the teeth with normal toothpaste in the morning. This is a good home remedy for teeth whitening.

Rubbing the bark of walnut tree on the teeth helps in removing all stains from the teeth.

Strawberries are considered natural teeth whiteners. Rubbing the teeth with strawberries daily will remove all the stains.

If you would like a suggestion on tooth whitening gel, here%26#039;s something for you!

Crest Night Effects Whitening Gel (about $18.00) allows you to remove stains while you sleep. The tooth whitening system has a fresh, wintergreen flavor. After fourteen days of sleeping with this product on your teeth, you will wake up to a vibrant smile. You should see results in two days, although there are reports of tooth whitening results in one night

More on


Teeth whitening!?!?

Are there anyways to whiten the teeth without harming them..coz they say when doctors whiten them they get weaker..if you know some ways to whiten the teeth OTHER THAN BRUSH DAILY..


Teeth whitening!?!?
good old peroxide and baking soda. mix equall parts and apply with a q tip BEFORE you brush and let sit on for 15-20 min. buying a sports mouthpeice will help keep it on. mold per directions. do this everynight for a week and you will DEFINETLY see results
Reply:Most people over whiten. The home kits are meant to be used no more than 12 to 18 months. I use a pre-brush rinse. i have had great results.
Reply:Do not use peroxide and baking soda. Baking soda does nothing and if you try to whiten that way, it will hurt your gums quite a bit. Whitening will not weaken your teeth. They will just become more sensitive, which is why you should use either fluoride treatments or sensodyne. The kits from a dentist work much better and faster than kits that you can buy over the counter (also costs more). Just follow the instructions, and you%26#039;ll be fine. Whoever told you that whitening %26quot;weakens%26quot; your teeth doesn%26#039;t know what they are talking about.
Reply:Mediahoney and triman are right about teeth whitening. Most people over whiten their teeth, causing them to be very sensitive. I just got this product this week.

It is the strongest at home kit that I have seen, and from what I hear it is the next thing to going to a dentist, but it doesn%26#039;t cost that much. Their website also has many helpful articles about teeth whitening. If you go to their site scroll to the bottom of the page and click on sitemap. There you will see all of their articles. I hope that helps! =)


Teeth Whitening?

I%26#039;m looking to whiten my teeth over the next 3 months during the summer. Ive read most of the similar questions to this and most of the best chosen answers point to Crest White Strips, however, any white strips don%26#039;t cover your entire mouth which is a perk I%26#039;m looking for. Some of the answers pointed to Hydrogen Peroxide and Baking Soda but those methods can be damaging to tooth enamal.

So Im looking for a method or multiple methods that can whiten my entire mouth without damaging my teeth or gums.

Teeth Whitening?
Try Rembrant toothpaste
Reply:going to the dentist and have them whiten it
Reply:brush you teeth 3 times a day for 4 min
Reply:The only way to do that is probaly professional whitening w/ a dentist. They can either do in office paint on or make u fitted trays u put gel in at home, but usually they will tell you there is no need to whiten the back teeth b/c you can%26#039;t see them when you smile.
Reply:crest white strips, whiten teeth in just 2 weeks
Reply:Forget the Dentist. There are things in stores that do it just as well for alot less money. White strips are good but they have this new product out that is a tray like you get at the Dentists which would cover all your teeth. I saw it advertised but can%26#039;t recall the name. They%26#039;re probably in the stores now. Check it out. I%26#039;m going to also.
Reply:i have been using the oral b whitening toothpaste, they are actually pretty good, but they costs about 7 dollars a tube, can be expensive
Reply:Well my mum wanted her teeth done and the dentist reccomended these poladay and poldnight stuff. Its like these rubber molds of your mouth and you put a drop of this whitening thing in each tooth spot. It is meant to last 1 - 3 years. It cost about $400 for the mold, though you will have it for the rest of your life, and about $30 for the whitening. Well worth it though. Everyone notices it.
Reply:I whiten my teeth every 3 months, i have tried LOTS of different brands, the best thing to do is go to the dentist but that will cost you $500-$700 regularly but try this:

i have noticed that the %26#039;Crest pro-health%26#039; mouth wash works just use it everyday after u brush ur teeth, the %26#039;rembrant%26#039; whitening strips cover more teeth than the crest white strips and its eiser to use and way different resluts it worked rlly good... wen i used crest white strips my teeth about 4 days into it started to hurt like i was puttin something really cold on them and they wuld burst out into pain so i wuldnt use them, also i dnt kno wut brand it is but it is a little mouth peice and it has a light whith gel and it worked the best outta everything i was surprised that it worked that good ( i can only find it at walgreens) also try %26#039;simply white%26#039; gel its really cheap like $5 it comes with a mouth peice but i dnt use, i put it on with crest whiting %26#039;night%26#039; tooth paste its better then the day time one mixing them rlly works to keep them white also rub a strawberry cut in half on them every chance u get it worked rlly good ...of chourse after u do a whiting process it wont stay the whitest after about 3 months keep brushing them and using the simply white gel and it will be good

also get in the habbit of chewing orbit white it works to keep them white rite before u g out for the day chew the peice for 10 secnds then rub the gum on ur teeth with ur mouth to get all the white stuff b4 u chew it ... it try to keep the gum close to ur teeth till u can tell that the whitening stuff is going away (ull be able to taste the difference)

dnt use baking soda


lemon juice


and salt water

oh ya srry i 4got sumtin

in the simply white gel it comes with a mouth wash it works RLLY GOOD it taste good to i love it sumtime i use it jsut bc i love the taste ignore adding water to it just use it plain
Reply:don%26#039;t use teeth whitening. It will weaken your teeth. Dentists want your money and whiteners are rip offs. Just brush them with a regular toothpaste

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Teeth whitening?

does original arm and hamer baking soda whiten teeth?or wat at hope recipe whitens teeth fast?this year i dnt have the money to proffesianally whiten so i decided to do it at home...but i dnt wanna use the strips or trays.

Teeth whitening?
try an electric toothbrush and whitening toothpaste. my dentist is convinced i bleached my teeth.
Reply:notinh works only a professional whitening from your dentist 400-600 $$4
Reply:hamer baking soda or hydrogen peroxide
Reply:Buy the new crest whitening works wonders.
Reply:consult a dental expert before choosing an at-home teeth whitening system that has quality ingredients that can deliver safe and effective whiter teeth results in just a matter of time.

discolored and stained teeth are caused by the food you eat and the drinks that you take in. be wary that the most common culprits that can stain teeth are colas, coffee, tea, chocolates, sauces, plum, red wine, etc. try to avoid these culprits if you want to maintain white teeth.

the use of straw when drinking colas and iced tea will be much helpful. for more tips on how to whiten teeth visit
Reply:Guys i have to disagree I%26#039;ve used the gels you can get for teeth whitening and ive seen some really good results, i was impressed. i was also skeptical but i said what the hell and got some from

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